The gear I use

Laptop: Macbook pro 2019

Soldering-station: Luxorparts/Dibotech ZD-8936

Multimeter: Uni-T UT125C

3D-printers: Malyan M200, Ender Creality-3 V2, Anycubic Photon Ultra


  • Oscilloscope (If I can’t get my hands on a secondhand unit, I might try to build one using a raspberry or an arduino)
  • EPROM-reader/burner/eraser (Trying to build one)
  • Function-generator (More want than need on this one)
  • Logic-analyzer (Might try to build a poor-mans logic analyzer)
  • Variable powersupply (Might build one from an old PSU)

If you have any equipment or components you’re looking to get rid, and live in Sweden, please contact me.