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Debugging GTA V to find why it crashes.

Problem: GTAV.exe crashed when given focus in both windowed and fullscreen-mode.

After countless hours trying to troubleshoot the problem, installing new drivers for my graphics-card, disabling sound-drivers, unplugging periphials, I decided to debug the game using Visual Studio 2015.

The callstack gave me the answer.

Razer tried to inject their RzStats into the game, to collect in-game-data for mouse-heatmaps and keyboard-statistics.
The solution for this is quite simple, uninstall the fucking thing.

The uninstaller for Razer Synapse stats is located in:


After uninstalling it, GTA V works once again.

I’m using Razer Deathadder 2013 and Blackwidow Ultimate 2013.

Source for disabling stats-manager:

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