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Raspberry PI B+ HDD-cage.

Well, this is the result of my idea that I got while I had problem sleeping. And a quick search later, I was unable to find any box/cage that was ready for a HDD (2.5″).

So, I spent some time mocking up two brackets to mount an HDD and a Raspberry. The brackets allow you to move both the HDD and the converter-plate.
The converter-plate is just a plate to mount the Rpi above the HDD, extending the width of it from 56mm to ~69,85mm.

Please note that the screwholes might be slightly off, but for the HDD it’s M3-screws, and for the Rpi it’s M2.5. Also, I’ve not made any holes in the bottom of the brackets for mounting, I’ve left that up to one-self.

A mockup of the raspberry, showing a HDD-dummy underneath a raspberry 2.5-inch converter-plate

Raspberry PI B+ HDD-cage

If you want the Sketchup-file, just comment and I shall provide.

Be kind.

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