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[Project] Modular computer chassi


A long time ago, my friend and I begun a discussion on building our own computer chassi. Capable of hosting two ATX motherboards, seperate HDD-cage and modular power-supply.
And to emphasize that this was a long time ago, we were 14-15 years old.

The vision was to create a tower, where you could open up the side. And access the components that way.
After drawing a few rough sketches on paper, we scrapped the design, mainly due to air-flow issues and instability. Thus the project was put on ice.

While on the phone today with said friend, we brought up this subject yet again. Having studying some structural technic and having more experience in this area (thanks, school), we decided to make another try at this project.


Our goal is too build a fully modular computer chassi, having a drawer for the motherboard too slide out on. A slide for the HDD’s, and a reasonably good airflow.


And the race was on! I, fired up, starting googling and found some rather good documents about the standard ATX-format. Just one thing, the measurements are in inches. I don’t do inches. (Honestly, I don’t like imperial units)

If you are interested in the documents, leave a comment and I’ll gladly share it. I would be happy if someone could provide good measurements for HDD’s and DVD-readers.

Yeah, moving on.
moderkorts-plåt ATX

The image that you see, is a quick sketch done in sketchup.
Why sketchup? Because my AutoCAD-license is not valid anymore.
I’ve laid out the screwholes according to the standard ATX-format, and the screwholes are ~3,96mm (Too be exact, 3,9624mm).

I will continue to post updates as this project progresses, I will try to update atleast once a week.
Hopefully, I will create some electronics for this project as well.

Until next time, happy holidays!

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