Laravel – must have packages


This blogpost is quite simple, I just wanted to share my list of packages that I usually use when developing applications using Laravel.


  • Eloquent-sortable – A really useful library for handling sort-order and sorting columns, requires a hand to make it fit within your project.


  • Image – Another Spatie-library, built on Glide, which uses the really powerful Intervention Image-library, I wish I had known about Spaties library before writing my own wrapper for the core image-lib.
  • Cors – A really good middleware for handling CORS-request compliant with the CORS-stack.
  • Money – PHP implementation of Fowler’s Money pattern.
  • Laravel-excel – Good for reading Excel-files, built on PhpOffice. I haven’t had any good experience exporting xlsx-files, but I have a work-around for that.


  • Laravel modules – A useful base for writing modular applications, most of my projects are built using this library.

Libraries that I want to try out:

  • Laravel PJAX – I really want to try this technic out, if you’ve not heard of PJAX, read up on it 🙂
  • Laravel Search – Searchable models, I’ve written a search-function that are on controller-level using an array from the model called searchable, might write a blogpost on this later.




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